Video library

Introduction to the DVB-I spec

A December 2019 overview of the then newly finalized DVB-I service discovery specification. Presented by Peter Lanigan (TP Vision) and Paul Higgs (Huawei), who chair the commercial and technical working groups responsible for DVB-I.

Encoding and packaging for DVB-I services

While DVB-I service lists can reference services delivered via broadband and/or broadcast, the specification was developed primarily to bring the user-friendliness and robustness of traditional digital television to broadband viewers. This March 2020 webinar considers the key technologies for broadband delivery of linear television content. Presented by Rufael Mekuria (Unified Streaming), chair of the DVB TM-STREAM group.

DVB-I Service Lists & Programme Information

This webinar from April 2020 covers several technical aspects of building and using service lists in a DVB-I ecosystem. It is presented by Nicholas Frame (TP Vision).

Building a reference client for DVB-I

In this webinar (from April 2020), Juha Joki of Sofia Digital explains the approaches and design used when creating the DVB-I reference client, along with the different application models and how services are managed within the client.

DVB DEMOS 2020 – several exhibitors

The online DVB DEMOS event in November 2021 included several contributions related to DVB-I. Jump directly to the relevant sections using the links below:

  • Dolby – DVB-I fast-tracks the launch of enhanced audio and video services for immersive and personalized experiences.
  • Kineton – DVB-I as the perfect standard to lead the past and current generation of technology towards a new way of understanding and doing television.
  • OnScreen Publishing – DVB-I enables a broadcast-like TV experience across a wide range of devices. OnScreen Publishing’s end-to end platform is ideal for evaluating, trialling and launching DVB-I.
  • Sofia Digital – Official DVB-I reference implementation to accelerate market adoption.
  • TPV Technology – DVB-I offering a unified user experience, combining broadband and broadcast services on a DVB-I-native TV set.
  • Wrap-up from Emily Dubs, DVB Head of Technology