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Here we provide a directory of companies offering products or services that may be useful for those seeking to launch DVB-I.

If you know of a company that may be interested in being listed in this directory, please forward the page to them. Listings can be submitted using the directory submission form.

The directory is in beta mode for now – as more entries are added, the categories and format may be adjusted and improved. Feedback is welcome via the email address in the footer.

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Directory categories:
Apps, Testing & certification, Industry associations, training, education

5G-MAG Reference Tools have an active project on DVB-I over 5G Systems:
The current contributions include a reference DVB-I application.
Reference implementations of 5G Systems are available under the following pages:
– 5G Media Streaming:
– LTE-based 5G Broadcast:

Bayerische Medien Technik (bmt)

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Directory categories:
Service List & metadata management, Consulting & integration services

bmt’s DVB-I EASY is software for editing, aggregating, and providing service lists according to the DVB-I specification, either as a Cloud-based service or on premises.

The Editor enables quick setup of service lists. The REST-API supports aggregation of partial service lists. It includes postal code and LCN databases for server-side regionalization. The software supports automatic validation, versioning and provides service status on the dashboard.

DTG Testing

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Directory categories:
Testing & certification

The DTG DVB-I Test Suite provides comprehensive, reliable reference metadata and media streams accompanied by a suite of test cases to validate all aspects of the DVB-I Specification. The metadata allows developers to create and deploy DVB-I clients with confidence, while the test portal allows testing and fault rectification to be carried out efficiently.

The test suite can be licenced for use in-house or full testing can be carried out by DTG Testing to an agreed test plan.


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Directory categories:
Service List & metadata management, Apps, Analytics & reporting, Monetization & advertising, Testing & certification, Consulting & integration services, Industry associations, training, education

Kineton is a leading provider of DVB-I related services, including a Central Service Registry (CSR) tool, validation and certification services, front-end applications development.
Kineton is supporting the Italian field trial, both providing the CSR and certifying the receivers.
Our CSR has a friendly user interface and is easy to use, making it a valuable tool for broadcaster and ecosystem managers.
Kineton expertise in application development extends to any media device.

Media Broadcast GmbH

More information:
Jan Wessels or Sebastian Krahn
Directory categories:
Encoding & content delivery, Security & DRM, Consulting & integration services

In cooperation with Sofia Digital, Ltd., Media Broadcast developed a DVB-I demonstrator application with integrated EPG view, supporting the DVB-I CSR (grab the service list from the CSR) and the use of an integrated tuner on Android (TV) devices. For a DVB-I setup we can offer end-to-end support including encoding, packaging and DRM solutions.

Media Broadcast is a freenet AG company and Germany’s largest nationwide service provider for the broadcasting and media industry.


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Contact us at
Directory categories:
Service List & metadata management

MIT-xperts iSIMS is a fully-featured SI/PSI generator that can also use your traditional broadcast data to generate DVB-I service lists and DVB-I metadata (like EPG). It allows you to effortlessly maintain your DVB-S/C/T broadcast metadata together with your DVB-I metadata, configuring everything in one place.

OnScreen Publishing

More information:
Gordon Maynard
Directory categories:
Service List & metadata management, Apps, Consulting & integration services

An independent consultancy specialising in DVB-I. OSP has developed a fully-featured end-to-end system for trialling and implementing DVB-I, consisting of metadata management and client apps.

OSP’s main products are:
• Metadata Manager: a cloud-based system which supports the management and delivery of all DVB endpoints: ServiceList Registry, ServiceLists and Content Guides,
• DVB-I Player: the most advanced DVB-I clients available for HbbTV, Android and native Apple devices

SLR – Service List Registry

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Directory categories:
Service List & metadata management, Testing & certification, Consulting & integration services, Industry associations, training, education

SLR provides a global service discovery platform based on open DVB-I standards.

The Service List Registry enables registered regulators, media providers and distributors to manage service lists and allows applications, devices and displays to discover and access relevant services according to their location, capabilities, and preferences.

SLR offers consumers choice, convenience and control through simple service selection on any screen.

To find out more visit our web site at

Sofia Digital, Ltd.

More information:
Directory categories:
Service List & metadata management, Apps, Analytics & reporting, Monetization & advertising, Testing & certification, Consulting & integration services

Sofia Digital is a global pioneer in DVB-I Technology, offering both front-end and backend solutions. We’ve delivered the DVB-I Reference Client for the DVB Project and contributed to the German DVB-I Pilot. Our Backstage backend product family supports all aspects of the DVB-I ecosystem and more.
We offer:
DVB-I Clients for Android, AndroidTV, HbbTV, HTML5, soon 5G broadcast and DVB-NIP
DVB-I Backend including SLR/CSR and TV Anytime EPG data
Over 20 years of experience in all aspects of DVB

Strategy & Technology Ltd

More information:
Directory categories:
Service List & metadata management, Encoding & content delivery, Apps, Monetization & advertising, Consulting & integration services

We offer a full DVB-I compliant cloud-based system for delivering all reference endpoints, including EPG data, for both testing and production. With over 25 years experience in the DVB arena, we also have industry-leading knowledge and services in:
¶ DVB-I application development (on all major platforms)
¶ Streaming and encoding for delivery of DVB-I content
¶ Scheduling and TVA EPG generation
¶ Ad-insertion/monetisation of content

TARA Systems GmbH

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Directory categories:
Consumer devices, Apps, Security & DRM, Analytics & reporting

TARA Systems offers software solutions for operator TV apps and set-top box devices. We support media playback via OTT or IPTV, reception of DVB content, native support for DVB-I, Teletext and HbbTV, and many further features that operator need in their product.

As a native DVB-I Client, we offer our LiveOn TV application on Android and Android TV devices. The app is highly customisable and comes with features such as HbbTV. With this app we contributed to the successful German DVB-I Pilot.